VISIT one of the oldest working ranches in Ventura County and LEARN how crops are grown and harvested. PET the tame farm animals and LEARN how to safely interact with them! Sorry, tours are for SCHOOL classes only, no private or family tours. Let your teacher know if you would like to take a tour! Click “Schedule a Tour” and the sanctuary will call you to verify your tour date. Tours are 1.5 hours and include FREE juice and cookies.

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All animals in ‘Crops and Critters’ are retired 4-H animals or impounded animals needing homes from the Ventura County Humane Society, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, and Ventura County Animal Services.  LEARN how to humanely raise a farm animal.


McGrath Ranch is one of the oldest ranches in Ventura County with so much history! LEARN how food was stored without refrigeration. LEARN which crimes an offender could be jailed for. LEARN about daily transportation, barbers being the ‘village dentist’, and saloons serving as a village meeting place.

Crops and Critters

Not every student has the opportunity to interact with real farm animals in an authentic setting.  They crave real interaction and meaningful knowledge.  Crops and Critters gives them that opportunity.  They can visit an actual working farm.  They can learn how crops are grown and harvested, and see it happening right before their eyes.  They can interact with real farm animals in a safe setting.  They can learn how each animal is unique and requires special care.  They can learn the history of farms in Ventura County and why they matter locally and nationally.  This is a special place which you will always cherish visiting.

pond front field

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